The art of wood architecture is more alive than ever in a world of technological materials that dominate the market and which are undoubtedly the big competitors of the noblest woods. Despite all the wood remains an authentic material well used in the luxury chalet for sale in france.

Wood, modern and modern material

The wooden constructions have reached their modern splendor with architects and designers who venture against traditional materials but with renovation techniques that enhance the construction with ties, planks and strips to their fullest splendor.

The goal was to build affordable and sustainable wood housing for students. A goal that has been achieved with excellent results, an example of utility and current use in architecture where wood is the main protagonist of this story are the mountain chalets.

Why wood?

The wood construction has a positive impact on the end user because he finds in this material feelings of comfort that are not achievable in other materials. Affordable and well-designed wooden houses make up the market.

Many models are the ones who dominate the market, some more attractive than others but we want to show the ideas of an Australian architect specializing in the construction of wooden houses, his name is Jackson Clements Burrows. A multitude of awards highlight him and their works offer a different vision of the world of architecture.

Some houses built with wood that could be said … I want one! It must be remembered that most wooden houses are built with modules and prefabricated. We describe all the ins and outs of prefabricated houses made of wood and other materials.

The main properties

Hardness: Resistance is a robust material that presents itself perforating with some metal elements or some machineries. This hardness is obtained in woods with low water content extracted from old trees.

Density: it refers to its resistance, subject to bending or compression processes.

Hygroscopy : it is when the wood absorbs or releases moisture by capillarity.

Thermal and electrical conductivity: Wood is used as insulation in the field of electricity.

The texture: the wood is a material that can be shaped for reference to the physicist who presents, like the sculptures, the color, the types of sanding.

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